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World News - Former Va. Mayor Pleads Guilty to 243 Felonies, Including Rigging Election and Corruption
The former mayor of a tiny coal town who prosecutors say masterminded a scheme to buy votes with beer, cigarettes and even pork rinds, pleaded guilty Thursday to 243 felonies, including vote-rigging and corruption. Wise County Circuit Judge Tammy McElyea made former Appalachia mayor Ben Cooper plead individually to each of the charges against him, which included stealing election records, forging ballots, hindering the rights of citizens to vote freely, voting more than once in an election and violating absentee voting procedures. By the time she reached the 11th charge, Cooper, 64, was saying "guilty" before she had finished reading the charge. "You're getting ahead of me," she said, to which Cooper apologized. During the trial of one of 13 people accused of conspiring with Cooper, prosecutors portrayed the ex-mayor as being the key figure in a plot to rig a 2004 election in ...

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Editor - 23:19:00 11-30-06
Barbaric drug war to test new Mexican president
Taming bazooka-wielding drug traffickers whose turf war has littered a once tranquil state with corpses and severed heads will be one of Felipe Calderon's toughest tasks as Mexico's new president. A fight raging between local gangs allied to Mexico's main drug cartels has killed more than 500 people in Michoacan this year, according to local media tallies that make the western state the country's most violent. "They kidnap them, they hang them from the trees and they leave them in pieces in bags," a housewife in her 60s said, recounting recent score settlings in the sun-baked main square of Apatzingan, a lowland town at the center of the battle. The gangs have become so bold that one of them, known as "The Family," took out advertisements in Michoacan local papers last week claiming it was the upholder of law and order against other, less scrupulous traffickers. ...

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Editor - 21:09:00 11-30-06
US unveils new citizenship test
The US government has unveiled a new citizenship test for immigrants which will focus on the concepts of democracy rather than on historical facts. However, immigrant rights groups have rejected the new test, describing it as an anti-immigrant measure. Officials said the aim was to encourage immigrants to learn about the country's civic values to become better citizens. The new questions will be tried out on immigrant volunteer groups before being included in the new test. Why don’t they want them to learn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? At least they would learn that those are now totally trashed, also we were to be a Republic not a Democracy. If fact, Democracy is not mentioned in the Constitution, but it is mentioned in the Federalist papers, as the worst form of government, and that’s what they fooled you into thinking we have. It’s not an simple oversight that it’s not taught in school anymore. People might start thinking if they ever took the time to read it...

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Editor - 20:35:00 11-30-06
Chinese High Court Rejects Appeals of New York Times Researcher and a Blind Activist
Chinese courts on Friday rejected the appeal of a New York Times researcher and upheld the four-year prison term of a blind activist, according to parties connected with the cases. The Beijing High Court delivered its judgment on Times researcher Zhao Yan's appeal in a five-minute session, lawyer Guan Anping said in a telephone interview. Zhao was convicted of fraud in August but acquitted of a more serious charge of revealing state secrets. He was sentenced to three years but could have received a 10-year term. His case has drawn international attention amid efforts by China's communist government to tighten controls on the media. Dozens of reporters have been jailed, often on charges of violating China's vague secrecy and security laws. The New York Times said it had no immediate comment on the ruling but would issue a statement later....

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Editor - 20:17:00 11-30-06
Typhoon kills 146 in Philippines
At least 146 people have been killed in the Philippines by a mudslide triggered by a typhoon, the Red Cross says. Rains caused by Typhoon Durian brought mud and rocks down hillsides, burying two villages in the foothills of the Mayon volcano, south-east of Manila. Five other villages were also affected, and as the search for the survivors continues, the death toll may rise. In September, nearly 200 people were killed when Typhoon Xangsane hit the north and centre of the country. The mudslides hit Albay province, with main casualties occuring in the villages of Daraga, Busay and Santo Domingo. The area affected is near the city of Legaspi, 350km (220 miles) from the capital, Manila. ...

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Editor - 20:15:00 11-30-06
Ex-fugitive 'Bucky' Phillips pleads 'guilty as hell' 44-year-old career criminal charged with shooting 3 troopers, one fatally
A day after swaggering into court and admitting killing one state trooper and wounding two others, a former fugitive pleaded guilty Thursday to a jail escape that led to the largest manhunt in state history.“Guilty as hell,” Ralph “Bucky” Phillips said when asked by a judge how he wished to plead.In a repeat of court appearances Wednesday, Phillips was upbeat, smiling and waving to supporters on his way in and out of the courtroom. The 44-year-old career criminal broke out of a Buffalo-area jail in April by using an industrial can opener to cut a hole in the kitchen ceiling and eluded authorities for months. Phillips finally surrendered Sept. 8, emerging from a field near the New York-Pennsylvania line with his hands up as police closed in....

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Editor - 20:14:00 11-30-06

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22 N Korea 'won't stop nuclear p..
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21 Russia police 'regularly tort..
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21 Percentage Of Unmarried Moms ..
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21 Iraq, Syria resume diplomatic..
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21 L.A. mayor vetoes $2.7M award..
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20 SEC's Palmrose May Push to Sh..
20 Record number die in Iraq dur..
20 Rising price of the war on te..
20 US to re-examine financial ru..
20 Military Data Reveal Tips on ..
20 Blair, in Kabul, Warns That F..
20 Many DNA matches aren't acted..
20 Selective Service: Ready for ..
20 Students Told to Pay for Scho..
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20 German nurse guilty of killin..
20 Mexican leftist setting up pa..
20 Six feet under the ocean, a s..
20 Israeli forces launch raids i..
20 Masked Protesters Armed With ..
20 Suspect Shoots Self While Han..
20 Allegedly Drunk Motorist Hits..
20 Israel ups the stakes in the ..
20 War dogs rebranded as `pussyc..
20 Atlantic hurricane season abo..
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20 Senator Obama calls for Iraq ..
20 For U.S. charities, a crisis ..
20 Egypt arrests another blog cr..
20 Bush noncommittal on Iraq tro..
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20 White House brushes off CIA d..
20 Iran Urges Summit With Iraq a..
20 Afghanistan Flooding Death To..
20 Drugs 'sub' seized off Costa ..
20 Home sales fall in 38 states,..
20 Fears for flooded Kenya refug..
20 Bush shrugs off protests in I..
20 Gazans gather to foil air str..
20 China Criticizes U.S. Listing..
20 Stay in Iraq, says Pentagon p..
20 2 guards slain as Iraq deputy..
20 Washington to hear of UK 'fri..
20 China official admits to tort..
20 Blair Vows Brits Will Stay In..
20 Yahoo strikes deal with US pa..
20 Palestinians suspend talks on..
19 Pentagon Review Sees Three Op..
19 Bush gets warm greeting in Vi..
19 Global Hawk to Fly 1st Missio..
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19 30 Philippine Officers to Fac..
19 Officials mull Khmer Rouge tr..
19 Bush: I'd understand if Israe..
19 Rangel Will Push To Bring Bac..
19 PM Blair flying into Afghanis..
19 CIA analysis finds no Iranian..
19 Rice warns Iraqis: 'Unite or ..
19 Attacks across Iraq kill more..
19 Bush left reality behind. Now..
19 Latin regimes rewrite natural..
19 No Grades, No Tests At 'Free ..
19 Home-Schooled Manhattanites G..
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19 Nairobi climate talks end in ..
19 Street battle shatters Iraq c..
19 Israeli aircraft strike Hamas..
19 Kissinger: Military Win In Ir..
19 British Leader Tony Blair Say..
19 Palestinians form human shiel..
19 Friend of 9/11 hijackers agre..
19 Muslim feminists in NY want t..
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18 Embittered insiders turn agai..
18 Bolton in extraordinary outbu..
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18 Plea deals pile up in Iraq mu..
18 Sexy sculptures stir brouhaha..
18 Reports: Police Rescue Chines..
18 'Long march of history' comfo..
18 North Korea slams South for U..
18 House GOP stays course
18 Canadian Brig. Gen.: NATO Tro..
18 Padilla Case Raises Questions..
18 Devoted Sister Loses 2 Brothe..
18 Immigrants in Limbo 5 Years A..
18 Riddle of the anonymous fortu..
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18 Desperate to Flee Abuse and H..
18 Gonzales Blasts Surveillance ..
18 UN chief: Nato cannot defeat ..
18 Indonesians Warn Of Terror On..
18 Senate backs India nuclear de..
18 Madagascar general in coup mo..
18 Sudan 'begins new Darfur atta..
18 Opening of Vast Archive in Ge..
18 US presses for full NK sancti..
18 Iran vows to press on with Ar..
18 U.S. warns Iraq against secta..
18 Hamas rejects U.S. pressure t..
18 Nicaragua brings in abortion ..
18 Overseas troops arrive in Ton..
18 Videotape emerges amid all-ou..
18 Blair accepts 'disaster' in I..
18 Islamic states see sympathy t..
18 Afghan 'threat to wider regio..
17 Spanish FM: Nothing in peace ..
17 Interpreters used by British ..
17 Iraq Sunni cleric rejects arr..
17 Cheney says U.S. must not ret..
17 S. Korea Won't Back Bush on I..
17 Military may ask $127B for wa..
17 Employee of U.S. contractor a..
17 U.S. bombing runs increase sh..
17 Rights group says Israel enga..
17 Impeach the American People!
17 Bush Revives Espionage Act Bu..
17 Cops: 4 Children Suffocated, ..
17 U.S. Announces Troop Deployme..
17 Some Election Day Races Unres..
17 Jury Unable to Reach Unanimou..
17 Fighting Breaks Out After Ira..
17 Al-Qaida 'planted information..
17 Man arrested in shooting of 5..
17 Tense stand-off between Chine..
17 Ho Chi Minh Shadow Looms Larg..
17 Dutch seek ban on burkas in p..
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17 Bush pick Gates courts Senate..
17 Taser incident just latest vi..
17 'Two foreigners released' in ..
17 Iran leader offers talks with..
17 Boehner to lead House Republi..
17 Bush sees hope for Iraq in Vi..
17 Search On For Abducted Americ..
17 Norway Leads Move to Ban Clus..
17 Flash Floods in Northwestern ..
17 Tense stand-off in China vill..
17 Sudan accepts UN 'help' in Da..
17 Somali Islamists ban popular ..
17 April Hearing Set for Ex-Comv..
17 5 Contractors Abducted in Ira..
17 Hurricane Forecasters Blame L..
17 North Korea Will Perfect Bomb..
17 UNIFIL protests about Israeli..
16 Debate Grows Over Beefing Up ..
16 Bush to face the ghosts of Am..
16 Republicans propose last-minu..
16 Iraq's state involved in kidn..
16 Mexico City Law Recognizing G..
16 W.Va. Man Facing Rovvery Char..
16 Guantanamo detainees routinel..
16 Second Marine Sentenced in Ir..
16 Iraq rape soldier jailed for ..
16 US plans last big push in Ira..
16 Americans among contractors a..
16 Bolivia 'risks revolt over la..
16 Pentagon Says Convoy of Civil..
16 Florida Opens Criminal Invest..
16 Europeans Propose New Mideast..
16 Cop uses stun gun on student ..
16 Bush gives go-ahead for build..
16 Iraq govt orders arrest of to..
16 Tornado kills 7 in North Caro..
16 Supernovas shed light on dark..
16 Vatican won't change celibacy..
16 Iraq denigrating into a rat's..
16 U.S. Subpoenas Muni Firms, Se..
16 Bangladesh ports, highways re..
16 CONTROLLED CHAOS European Cit..
16 Democrats defy Pelosi, elect ..
16 Afghan violence 'likely to ri..
16 Islamists debate rape law mov..
16 Japan patriot bill clears hou..
16 9 feared killed by twister in..
16 'Mad' Indian man's life in ch..
16 More Than 700 Become Sick on ..
16 US marine jailed over Iraq de..
16 Airport arrest turns up nucle..
16 Zimbabwe offers farm compensa..
16 NATO Kills 2 Civilians After ..
16 Bush carries trade banner to ..
16 Clues to pandemic bird flu fo..
16 Attacks kill 13 in Iraq; 4 U...
16 Iraq official: 80 kidnapping ..
16 Pope in talks on married prie..
16 Nevada town to fine for forei..
16 Spain unveils Mid-East peace ..
16 U.S., Russia Can't Agree On I..
16 Annan presents Darfur force p..
16 At Least 6 Dead in N.C. From ..
16 Youths Rampage, Torch, Loot B..
16 Iraq ministry hostages 'tortu..
16 5 people shot in Detroit in 1..
15 Scientists unravel DNA of 38,..
15 The ‘Stay or Leave’ Debate in..
15 Wash. state wants to scan lic..
15 US soldier admits killing fam..
15 US plans last big push in Ira..
15 Man in YouTube arrest video t..
15 Cent Am summit targets corrup..
15 U.S. sees reinvigorated al Qa..
15 Wis. Sanitation Worker Who Fo..
15 Judges express skepticism abo..
15 Turkey's Revenge: Wild Bird C..
15 Judge Outlines How Much Class..
15 US to back Russia's WTO entry..
15 Charges Dismissed Against Pen..
15 Democratic Activist Spotted o..
15 Gitmo Detainee's Lawyer Fight..
15 Danish journalists on trial o..
15 Cuban democracy funds spent o..
15 Jackson mayor convicted of mi..
15 At least 1 dead as tornadoes,..
15 Saddam Lawyer: Documents for ..
15 Case for trawl ban 'overwhelm..
15 Pakistan votes to amend rape ..
15 UN chief issues climate warni..
15 Officials say missing boy may..
15 Chemical cloud hits Serbian t..
15 Pay Consultants Seek Shield F..
15 TV pitchman jailed for bilkin..
15 Bush tests standing on Asia v..
15 Georgia County Considers Fini..
15 Urban students worst in U.S. ..
15 Iraq govt at odds over missin..
15 Six U.S. troops killed in com..
15 Al-Jazeera English Goes Live ..
15 Washington Suburbs Lure Feder..
15 Afghan women seek death by fi..
15 Physics promises wireless pow..
15 Agreement Reached on How to C..
15 Kenya flooding displaces 80,0..
15 Small tsunamis hit Japanese i..
14 Blair proposals under Iraq cl..
14 Common Heart Attack Treatment..
14 CIA acknowledges existence of..
14 Bush Initiates Iraq Policy Re..
14 Iraq attacks: 'Why did she ha..
14 Iran cuts dollar-based transa..
14 Gunmen kidnap dozens from Ira..
14 Pennsylvania hospitals report..
14 Cheney Asks Judge to Toss CIA..
14 Official says U.S. may mull p..
14 U.S. Catholic bishops clarify..
14 Seattle Activists Sue to Stop..
14 Egypt Detains Palestinian Leg..
14 Baghdad: The new Saigon?
14 Mexico Congress Passes Resolu..
14 Another investigation of LA p..
14 Toys for Tots Rejects Talking..
14 Return of the Leonids
14 Roman Catholic Bishops Approv..
14 Bush goes on Asia trip, first..
14 'Toxic waste' prisoners attac..
14 Gunmen masquerading as police..
14 5 killed in Indiana plane cra..
14 Getting to know the neighbour..
14 Nigerian ex-governors on the ..
14 Pelosi draws fire for backing..
14 Man Freed After 14 Years Sues..
14 Ahmadinejad: Iran Willing to ..
14 Citing terror, U.S. acts to c..
14 Kurdistan’s dance with histor..
14 Kozlowski, Owner of Mansion, ..
14 S Africa approves same-sex un..
14 Vatican cardinal condemns U.S..
14 India-Pakistan talks 'start w..
14 Blair Speaks With Iraq Study ..
14 Democrat Reid elected Senate ..
14 Senate to investigate renditi..
14 Group Sues To Have Rumsfeld I..
14 Lebanon cabinet defies growin..
14 Iran president says world acc..
14 Up to 150 kidnapped from Bagh..
13 Academic set for Palestinian ..
13 Rich countries 'blocking chea..
13 U.S. Denies Padilla Was Tortu..
13 Sunni needs not met, general ..
13 Texas Town Passes Tough Measu..
13 As Math Scores Lag, a New Pus..
13 Man Walks Streets of NYC Whil..
13 Pope Benedict XVI Calls Meeti..
13 U.S. Forces Turn Over Dangero..
13 War Widows File Suit Over Wic..
13 GOP Fundraiser Guilty in Ohio..
13 Feds overhauling U.S. citizen..
13 Bush maintains tough line on ..
13 Large Cache of Roman Coins Fo..
13 Administration: Detainees Hav..
13 NASA has few options to fix f..
13 Blair challenges Iran and Syr..
13 In Vt., a Movement to Scrap P..
13 Lame duck Congress goes to wo..
13 Iraq allies urge Bush to turn..
13 Annan says politics, not reli..
13 Bishops strategize on wayward..
13 Hamas endorses peace conferen..
13 Copper theft stalls Italy tra..
13 Leader of U.S. Bishops Confer..
13 Another storm heads for soggy..
13 Contact lost with Mars spacec..
13 Christian, Muslim Britons say..
13 Deer Attacks And Kills Owner ..
13 'Taleban law' passed in Pakis..
13 SA train crash kills farm wor..
13 Lebanon political crisis deep..
13 Iraqi Kurdistan says it’s ope..
13 Danes on trial over Iraq secr..
13 Afghan conflict deaths quadru..
13 Protest over Tamil MP's killi..
13 Congo arrests hundreds of hom..
13 Israeli general resigns over ..
13 S Korea 'spurns ship search p..
13 Pelosi Endorses Murtha as Nex..
13 Kenya bans all flights to Som..
13 U.K. minister criticizes U.S...
13 US 'open to Iran talks on Ira..
13 Insurgent activity rising in ..
13 Call to bridge West-Muslim di..
13 Four troops killed in attack ..
13 Bush, staff meet with biparti..
13 Lebanon crisis grows as sixth..
12 Polish PM faces local poll bl..
12 S.Korea won't join arms inter..
12 Fast test catches heart block..
12 Summit fear for Vietnam homel..
12 Violence Leads To Iraqi Cabin..
12 US 'open to Iran talks on Ira..
12 Chavez opens air base for Sha..
12 Democrats increase pressure o..
12 U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq ..
12 Iranians outraged as Google r..
12 Bush offers Veterans Day trib..
12 16 inches of snow hits wester..
12 UK's PM Blair to unveil law p..
12 Black candidates head for mid..
12 Outrage at London sting by US..
12 Not a citizen? No problem Ill..
12 Arab ministers discuss Gaza v..
12 Ga. display divides vets’ nam..
12 Bush and Blair discuss new po..
12 New storm headed for soaked P..
12 How Israel put Gaza civilians..
12 About 2,000 Chinese Residents..
12 Lawmakers gear up to fight so..
12 U.S. engineer indicted for pa..
12 Bombers kill Iraq police recr..
11 U.S. vetoes condemnation of G..
11 Despite Billions Spent, Rebui..
11 Democrats win bigger share of..
11 Universities move to hide wor..
11 Thousands of Chinese riot ove..
11 Bush signals change in Iraq p..
11 Brazilian woman survives afte..
11 Two UN peacekeepers die in Ha..
11 Iran vows to hit back if Isra..
11 MSNBC Poll: Do you believe Pr..
11 Sweden Violated Torture Ban i..
11 Abbas upbeat on Palestinian u..
11 Chinese Protest Mass Dog Kill..
11 Gol-LY! Andy Griffith sues An..
11 Clashes erupt in DR Congo cap..
11 Suu Kyi leaves home to meet U..
11 Wall helps Vietnam vet stand ..
11 Rumsfeld sued for 'torture'
11 Pope to meet with Islamic cri..
11 USS Intrepid Partners With Na..
11 Russia and Iran to work on re..
11 Lebanon government talks coll..
11 Eight dead as bombs hit Baghd..
11 US army 'to suggest Iraq chan..
11 Ohio House Fire Kills 2 Women..
11 Somalia peace deal 'irrelevan..
11 Thunderstorms, snow days in I..
11 U.S. offers $50,000 to help f..
11 Mortars strike U.S. office in..
11 LA police in YouTube beating ..
10 The face of Afghanistan five ..
10 Sunni-Shiite mortar war marks..
10 U.S. military reports deaths ..
10 We must remember them all
10 Nat'l Guard Units Face 2nd To..
10 Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin hi..
10 Lack of immigration reform "c..
10 Fla. school donor reneges on ..
10 House nears vote on Vietnam t..
10 U.N.: War aid threatens to ig..
10 Man near Rio holds ex-wife, o..
10 Ahmadinejad's new mission: ta..
10 Russia Negotiating Energy Dea..
10 New Srebrenica mass grave fou..
10 Now the real race begins ...·..
10 U.S. seeks better ties by aid..
10 Three U.S. troops killed in I..
10 Charges Sought Against Rumsfe..
10 Value of bribes to officials ..
10 51 Slaps Await Rapist In Indi..
10 Washington's Mount Rainier Na..
10 Republicans look to Reagan er..
10 Danish Fur House Sales Hit Re..
10 Israeli Homosexuals Hold Rall..
10 France's oldest living WWI ve..
10 Al-Qaida in Iraq says it has ..
10 WHO urges use of alcohol-base..
10 4 U.S. troops die in Iraq; fo..
10 Nun Gets 30 Years for Role in..
10 Lawyer Wants Murder Charge Di..
10 Key Republican joins Dems opp..
10 Mexico City passes Homosexual..
10 Russia, U.S. reach tentative ..
10 MI5 tracking '30 UK terror pl..
10 Colombia lawmakers facing arr..
10 Assistant defense minister: I..
10 Texas awards $450,000 to man ..
10 'Toxic' pigs cull in Ivory Co..
10 Huge 'hurricane' rages on Sat..
10 Hamas leader says he will ste..
10 Putin to host airport meeting..
09 Whither the architects of war..
09 In Letter, Radical Cleric Det..
09 Rice: Democrats Won't End Ira..
09 Kremlin 'was complicit in Che..
09 In Iraq, New Calculations of ..
09 U.S. vote embarrasses allies ..
09 Terrorism Trial of 3 American..
09 BP plant explosion suit settl..
09 Bush adds Moscow stop to next..
09 Rumsfeld acknowledges rocky t..
09 British Man Injured After Lig..
09 Egypt's Mubarak: Hanging Sadd..
09 Army to court-martial Iraq wa..
09 Democrats And A Pivotal Repub..
09 U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq ..
09 Bush, Pelosi vow cooperation...
09 Mars rover may get one-way ti..
09 Republican Allen 'to concede ..
09 Iraq policy won't change, say..
09 2 students out of jail after ..
09 Official: Insurgents have kil..
09 Argentina Judge Orders Captur..
09 Iraqis won't miss Rumsfeld
09 Navajo Leader Hopes Democrats..
09 British Leader: Iraq at Criti..
09 UN official to push Burma ref..
09 Dems Plan to Force Change in ..
09 New Volcanic Island Reported ..
09 Olmert blames 'mistake' for B..
09 Judge Allows Cameras to Photo..
09 Thai coup chiefs in extra pay..
09 Thousands mourn Beit Hanoun d..
09 Oil workers flee Nigerian sie..
09 Mexico leader in US border ta..
09 French nearly fired at Israel..
09 Anger over Lanka civilian dea..
09 Activist Mom Arrested During ..
09 28 suspected Taliban killed i..
09 Iraq corruption 'costs billio..
09 Gaza children cannot escape a..
08 Iraqis skeptical Democrat gai..
08 Startling findings in probe o..
08 Two years after U.S. assault ..
08 Webb Takes Virgina, Dems Take..
08 Vatican urges Israel to ban J..
08 UN overwhelmingly votes again..
08 GOP 'Lost Its Reaganite Soul,..
08 Haggard Begins Spiritual 'Res..
08 Saddam Co-Defendant Says Iraq..
08 Palestinians: Israelis kill 1..
08 Iran says U.S. misjudges worl..
08 China Tops List of Internet-C..
08 Bush concedes problems with I..
08 Rumsfeld quitting as defense ..
08 At least 60 Iraqis are killed..
08 Somali Islamists free pirate ..
08 Kenyans flee deadly gang batt..
08 Bomber kills 42 Pakistani tro..
08 Cell transplants 'restore sig..
08 2 women missing in Pacific st..
08 MEPs probe Poland rendition c..
08 Sri Lanka army 'kills 45 civi..
08 China-Egypt nuclear energy de..
08 Beijing, in Same Vein as Chil..
08 Stem Cells Win, Abortion Ban ..
08 Saddam Hussein's genocide tri..
08 Supreme Court considers feder..
08 Wounded Gaza teenager mourns ..
08 50 die across Iraq; Marine, U..
08 Bush invites Democrats to lun..
08 World sees Democrats' win as ..
08 Ortega wins Nicaraguan electi..
08 U.S. Baghdad envoy says Bush ..
08 Democrats seize control of Ho..
07 Pakistan suicide blast kills ..
07 Latest Races Called by AP
07 U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq ..
07 Democrats 'take control of Ho..
07 Hillary Clinton re-elected am..
07 Democrats score upsets in key..
07 Democrats score first in figh..
07 Santorum loses Penn. Senate s..
07 U.S. Policies Are Key Issues ..
07 Appeals Court Orders Retrial ..
07 Many killed in Baghdad cafe b..
07 Beit Hanoun: Israelis pull ou..
07 Candidates quiet as the peopl..
07 US ELECTION DAY The Great Bus..
07 Zimbabwean court frees 180 wo..
07 Iraq curfew means 'low' death..
07 Interior minister charges 57 ..
07 British and American hostages..
07 Experts Say Global Warming Po..
07 Bush's legacy, Iraq war on li..
07 Rains Subside in Flooded Wash..
07 Telescope catches 'monster fl..
07 Company fined $3m for adware ..
07 Vatican decries waning influe..
07 Iraqis charged over secret ja..
07 Iran Calls for Death Sentence..
07 US votes in crucial mid-term ..
07 Clashes erupt in Kyrgyz capit..
07 World trade body admits Vietn..
07 Floods leave travel chaos in ..
07 Israel pulls out of devastate..
07 Republicans closing gap as US..
07 Panama Wins U.N. Security Cou..
07 Dumped letters to God to be d..
07 Bush's legacy, Iraq war on li..
07 Israeli Forces to Withdraw Fr..
07 Saddam calls for reconciliati..
06 Three U.S. Citizens Among 7 F..
06 Hundreds of US soldiers call ..
06 Angry Campaigns End on an Ang..
06 FBI willing to go undercover ..
06 Iraq gov't may reinstate Sadd..
06 Report: Most world government..
06 Washington state hit by major..
06 Third serviceman admits guilt..
06 Ortega appears headed for vic..
06 Robert Fisk: This was a guilt..
06 Cluster Bombs at a Glance
06 Hussein defense team calls de..
06 18 Americans Killed In Iraq I..
06 Soldiers, Marines Killed; DoD..
06 Military services seek $160 b..
06 Key Senate Races Tightening P..
06 Rev. Haggard says: ‘I am a de..
06 State legislatures could shif..
06 Blair opposes death penalty f..
06 Ex-N.M. lawmaker makes bid to..
06 Curfew eased after Saddam ver..
06 Stuck in mud, USS Intrepid mo..
06 Haiti tops world corruption t..
06 China reserves reach $1 trill..
06 Japan's Koizumi surfaces in B..
06 Armitage tips Democrats to re..
06 Helicopter Crashes North of B..
06 Kyrgyz president sacks minist..
06 Summit shows China's Africa c..
05 Endgame for a dictator: Sadda..
05 Possible Iraq Deployments Wou..
05 Killer e-mail sends Blair int..
05 Ex-Judges: Detainee Law Uncon..
05 North Korea, Turkmenistan, Er..
05 Lottery plan for Bosnian weap..
05 Nicaragua votes for new presi..
05 Most Air Strike Victims Child..
05 3 California Schools to Scan ..
05 World divided over Hussein se..
05 Iraq Policy Losing Conservati..
05 Reaction in the Mideast to Sa..
05 Ousted Evangelist Confesses t..
05 Mexican Police Brace for Left..
05 Israel presses on with Gaza o..
05 'Cyprus plan' proposed for Is..
05 Latin leaders criticize U.S. ..
05 Saddam Hussein sentenced to d..
04 1999 war games foresaw proble..
04 FACTBOX-Security developments..
04 The Case for Engagement
04 Demonstrators flood Oaxaca
04 NATO Troops Hit Afghan Insurg..
04 Bush hits Democrats on Iraq, ..
04 Lots of evidence that state c..
04 U.S. Seeks To Keep Detainee F..
04 NATO, Taliban clash northeast..
04 Thousands demand resignation ..
04 Afghan conflict: Reporter's d..
04 Israel mounts air strikes in ..
04 Security boost for Saddam ver..
04 China to double its aid to Af..
04 AWOL Soldiers On The Outside ..
04 U.S. seeks silence from CIA p..
04 Moscow police detain hundreds..
03 Neocons turn on Bush for inco..
03 U.S. speeds attack plans for ..
03 Iraqis think few U.S. troops ..
03 Papers sold to military: ‘Rum..
03 U.S. envoy says Sudan preside..
03 Kofi Annan Cheers Leaders at ..
03 California Police Arrest Nake..
03 Convicted Republican Ney resi..
03 Nuclear Lab Breach Could Be '..
03 Iraq Cancels Leave Before Sad..
03 Airport Security Delays Lengt..
03 Washington bid to take over U..
03 Scores of bodies found in Bag..
03 Kyrgyz protesters accused of ..
03 Somali Parliament Leader to S..
03 US stops audit of Iraq rebuil..
03 U.S. officer describes disarr..
03 Nearly 100,000 Iraqi Refugees..
03 US warns of Nigeria oil attac..
03 Election '06 wild card: 'Indi..
03 Federal judge sets hearing on..
03 GOP May've Overplayed Gamblin..
03 Shia militias blamed for late..
03 Bush challenges Democrats to ..
03 Iraq sees spike in violence b..
03 Army Stops Deployment to Iraq..
03 From Russia with hate An extr..
03 Pastor: Haggard admits to 'so..
03 GOP May've Overplayed Gamblin..
03 North Korea: Progress at Nuke..
03 Thousands protest at school r..
03 Taiwan's Chen in corruption c..
03 56 Tortured Bodies Found Arou..
03 US shuts website after nuclea..
03 Italian released in Afghanist..
03 Dutch rescue mission leads st..
03 Government is probing reports..
03 Gaza women killed in mosque s..
02 Group: Lab Breach Bigger Than..
02 Madrassa not a terror camp, s..
02 November Off To Bloody Start ..
02 British believe Bush is more ..
02 U.N. Corruption Probe 'At Ful..
02 Former Army Dog Handler Convi..
02 Spanish court rules free musi..
02 Iraq a 'work of art in progre..
02 Judge takes up man’s claim to..
02 Abu Ghraib ended career, a to..
02 Colombian women appeal to con..
02 Evangelical leader quits afte..
02 Seattle to Vote on Stadium Su..
02 BUSH'S LAST STAND Democrats S..
02 Chavez hands out 'Christmas' ..
02 US productivity grinds to a h..
02 Baghdad University dean slain..
02 African leaders, China to mee..
02 Iran Test Fires Longer Range ..
02 World 'lacks will' on disaste..
02 Web inventor fears for the fu..
02 Somali talks fail amid war fe..
02 Khatami labels US policy 'a j..
02 Father jailed for US mutilati..
02 Burmese outraged at lavish ju..
02 EU abandons Turkey-Cyprus tal..
02 Kyrgyz protesters call on pre..
02 US army names soldier kidnapp..
02 Businesses May Move Health Ca..
02 France to declassify Rwanda f..
02 Thailand's ex-PM flies to Chi..
02 Four die in raid on northern ..
02 Lawmakers Say Iraqi Prime Min..
02 Sheriff, 12 officers indicted..
02 Panama emerges as security co..
02 Britain is 'surveillance soci..
02 Nigeria gets new Islamic lead..
02 NYC to hire more searchers fo..
02 Syria denies Lebanon plot cla..
02 Gazprom to double Georgia cha..
02 Indictment: Crooked deputies ..
02 Three bodies found dumped in ..
02 Iran tests fires longer range..
01 Vermont poised to elect Ameri..
01 Panama named for U.N. seat by..
01 Rights group report: Britain ..
01 Poll finds Iraq, Boogieman to..
01 Russian Foreign Minister Says..
01 Venezuela, Guatemala Give Up ..
01 Paris airport bars Muslim sta..
01 Amnesia Victim Still Has No M..
01 California Mother Arrested in..
01 Leftist Rebels Kill at Least ..
01 Obsolete Legion faces uncerta..
01 Fears grow of Fiji military c..
01 Mexico agrees Portillo's retu..
01 Without housing's foundation,..
01 U.S. deaths in Iraq for Octob..
01 Depleted uranium risk 'ignore..
01 Israel launches major Gaza ra..
01 Reno Hotel Fire Kills 6; Woma..
01 US faults Syria, Iran, Hezbol..
01 Ortega could win Nicaragua's ..
01 Embattled Kerry seeks low pro..
01 Playing second fiddle in Syri..
01 US Diplomat: Taleban Not Stra..
01 Roar of the Asian tiger: How ..
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