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World News - Wheels of Fortune Former L.A. Times Publisher's Collection Of Cars, Motorcycles Fetches $36 Million At Auction
A collection of 90 rare cars and 80 motorcycles owned by late Los Angeles Times publisher Otis Chandler brought in more than $36 million at auction. More than 1,200 people crowded into Chandler's Vintage Museum, which housed the collection, for the auction Saturday by Gooding & Company. Company founder David Gooding said the auction broke the previous record for a single-day sale — $21 million in 1990 — when there were still 33 cars and motorcycles to be sold. The final tally was $36,094,250. Two classic cars sold for more than $2 million dollars apiece. A 1931 Duesenberg J Special Phaeton fetched $2.64 million and a 1904 Mercedes 40/45 HP Sports Touring went for $2.25 million, auction officials said. ...

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Editor - 08:34:00 10-22-06
Oil Proposition Divides Calif. Voters Taxation Proposal Brings Out Big Names, Big Money On Both Sides
This is the big one in California and both sides have called out the big guns. As Bill Whitaker reports, the political battle royale is not Democrat Phil Angelides trying to terminate Arnold Schwarzenegger's governorship. No, it's a bitter fight over a proposition to tax oil and fund alternative energy. It's explosive and expensive. USC professor John Matsusaka, who monitors state initiatives, says between them, supporters and opponents of the proposition have raised more than $100 million, so far. "When you think about the fact that George Bush raised about $250 million of private contributions for his entire presidential campaign in 2004, we can see that the amount of money flowing into these single-issue campaigns in single states is huge," Matsusaka says. ...

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Editor - 08:29:00 10-22-06
GOP seeks to get back on message
Republican House candidates still feel some heat from the revelation that Rep. Mark Foley sent inappropriate and sometimes lurid Internet messages to teenage boys, but party leaders insist they are starting to get their message out again to voters. "The Foley matter has become absolutely quiet in the vast majority of House races, as voters have been able to separate the actions of one member from his party," said Jonathan Collegio of the NRCC. "In most races, voters say it will have no impact on their decision." The Foley scandal and the ensuing criticism of how Republicans responded or failed to prevent it dominated campaign coverage. The unfolding story buried the party's message and damaged some incumbents' re-election chances Nov. 7. The only message we should all take is get rid of both these Parasitic Parties. We have had enough Bull Shit and lies from both. Get all new people in. Not even raving Lunatics from an Asylum could be any worse ...

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Editor - 08:24:00 10-22-06
Aid agencies warn of food crisis
An already dire humanitarian situation in North Korea is likely to worsen this winter after the impoverished country's nuclear brinkmanship resulted in sanctions and intensified scrutiny, aid workers warned.North Korea has still not recovered from famine in the 1990s that experts believe killed about 2.5 million people - 10 per cent of the population. UN sanctions imposed after North Korea's underground nuclear test this month do not cover aid supplies and charities have been assured the curbs won't bar them from operating in the country.'US NGOs have been allowed to conduct humanitarian assistance activities in North Korea, most of those at a modest scale,' said a senior private aid official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. 'Those have not been affected to date by the growing estrangement in the political relationship.'...

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Editor - 08:11:00 10-22-06
Bush faces political nightmare if Democrats win
If Democrats win control of the U.S. Congress in the November 7 election, it would turn the Capitol upside down and create a political nightmare for the already embattled Bush. If his Republicans lose the majority, Bush would hear newly empowered calls to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and would suddenly face promised Democratic-led congressional investigations with subpoena power into the unpopular war. Bush, whose public approval ratings are below 40 percent, would also face Democratic demands he offer "mainstream" rather than "right-wing" judicial nominees if he wants them confirmed. Bush's fellow Republicans applied a rubber stamp to much of his conservative agenda the past six years, including tax cuts that went largely to the rich. Polls show Democrats running ahead less than three weeks before the congressional election. If they win control of Congress from Bush's fellow Republicans, they would challenge Bush on fronts ranging from his warrantless ...

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Editor - 08:08:00 10-22-06
Iran Vows to Respond to Any Western Sanctions Over Nuclear Program, but Gives No Details
An Iranian official warned Sunday that Tehran would not remain passive if the West imposes sanctions against it over its disputed nuclear program, but did not say how the country would respond. "Sanctions will have an impact on both sides and will have regional and international repercussions. If they choose sanctions we will decide accordingly," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Hosseini told journalists in a weekly briefing. A draft resolution on Iran is expected to be introduced in the U.N. Security Council within days, and diplomats have said they would seek limited sanctions against Tehran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment. Hosseini did not elaborate on what actions Iran might take in response to sanctions. When asked, however, if Tehran could affect the movement of oil through the strategic Strait of Hormuz, through which some 20 percent of the world's supply passes every day, he replied, that "depends on the kind of sanctions." ...

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Editor - 08:02:00 10-22-06

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20 Ahmadinejad warns Europe it w..
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20 Shiite militia seizes Iraqi c..
20 Hamas charities thrive despit..
20 General's comment no help to ..
20 Conservatives hit for 'whinin..
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19 Force may be needed to guard ..
19 U.S. to Israel: Ease up on Ar..
19 We've lost battle for Baghdad..
19 Debt holds U.S. troops back f..
19 Top US general says Rumsfeld ..
19 Costello seeks orderly $US wi..
19 Catholic Priest Admits To Sit..
19 U.S. reviews Baghdad strategy..
19 Rice: Won't Coerce Allies on ..
19 The Occupation of Iraqi Heart..
19 Many killed in Iraq bomb blas..
19 Fundraiser for Ill. Governor,..
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19 Emergency order in Nigerian s..
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19 Portuguese to hold abortion v..
19 Guvinator, part two - the seq..
19 Assassination attempts on Afg..
19 Top Chinese envoy meets with ..
19 Iraqi Kurdistan Launches Tour..
19 U.S. stands by decision on Ko..
19 Hawaii Earthquake Damages Tel..
19 Ads get nasty in fight for U...
19 Federal Appeals Court Judge H..
19 Baghdad Attacks on U.S., Iraq..
19 Suicide Bombings in Afghanist..
19 U.S. building military airfie..
18 Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Com..
18 5 Dead in Arizona Twin-Engine..
18 One-third support 'some tortu..
18 Chile's Pinochet Tells Judge ..
18 Bush warns N.Korea against se..
18 FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, M..
18 U.S. military trials ordered ..
18 ‘National yawn as our rights ..
18 New Microsoft License Ties Vi..
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18 Social Security Checks Rise b..
18 Iraq war cost years of progre..
18 NGOs face suspension in Russi..
18 U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits ..
18 Witnesses in Saddam trial rec..
18 Venezuela Won't 'Surrender' I..
18 From gunbelts to greenbelts A..
18 Judge: NYC Open to Ground Zer..
18 Ecuador's Noboa regains poll ..
18 Iraq attacks kill 10 US soldi..
18 Accused officer's attorneys f..
18 Blair Nixes Early Withdrawal ..
18 Italian Police Arrest 30 Susp..
18 Israel Takes Up Positions on ..
18 Rich and poor pilgrims fill M..
18 US stands firm over NK sancti..
17 Rock-throwing attacks mar reb..
17 South Africa hints it may bro..
17 Mexican Gasoline Tanker Ship ..
17 Wal-Mart workers walk out Emp..
17 U.S. officials: N. Korea may ..
17 Judge tosses conviction of de..
17 Investigator: Father Fatally ..
17 Israeli politicians go on tri..
17 Trial dividing Iraq, says Sad..
17 More unrest in southern Thail..
17 Cheney: US forces winning sup..
17 Delay issue over Afghan missi..
17 British troops move out of wa..
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17 Woman Sues Over Ticket for An..
17 Arkansas man behind ‘drive-by..
17 Israel accused of using deadl..
17 Russian general: U.S. missile..
17 AG Probes Letter Sent to Some..
17 Torrential rain floods parts ..
17 Head of Largest Municipal Lab..
17 Super-Secret War Room Being R..
17 Shootings, bombings, kill at ..
17 Burundi refugees to settle in..
17 EU backs limited nuclear sanc..
17 Deadlock in Latin America UN ..
17 Eritrea incursion 'to pick cr..
17 Saddam Hussein attacks prosec..
17 Radar Helps Locate Meteorite ..
17 Barroso warns of semantic dis..
17 South Africa MPs guilty of fr..
17 Truck carrying suspected ille..
17 N Korea says sanctions 'are w..
17 Militia rampage in Iraq town ..
17 44 suspected Taliban killed A..
17 Bush signs law authorizing ha..
17 Still Feisty, Despite Short S..
17 Coalition death toll in Iraq ..
16 New Iraq is not going to be '..
16 Populists seize the moment as..
16 Government Fissures Widening ..
16 Gulf war hostages demand trut..
16 91 Die in Sectarian Violence ..
16 Israeli president lies low af..
16 22-Year-Old Iowa Man Accused ..
16 Don't mention the president: ..
16 ETHNIC STRIFE: Divisions Deep..
16 Phony faith-based initiative
16 2 Women Dead as Severe Weathe..
16 Saddam calls on people to uni..
16 Leftist Outsider, Billionaire..
16 Top US inquiry to call for Ir..
16 Middle America goes sour over..
16 Car bombs kill 30 in Iraq as ..
16 Two dead as severe storms pou..
16 Iran leader in Bush 'Satan' c..
16 Hawaii Checks For Infrastruct..
16 Israel Wants Lebanon Talks bu..
16 Australia to ban N Korean shi..
16 U.S. confirms North Korean nu..
16 China in rural birth control ..
16 Sri Lanka attack causes carna..
16 Chavez Suffers Setback in Att..
16 Plea deal spares girl, 9, fro..
15 Police want Israeli president..
15 5 Americans Killed in Iraq, B..
15 Pakistan begins census of Afg..
15 Padilla Update: Bush has been..
15 One man still locked up from ..
15 Lawyers gagged over Guantanam..
15 Suspected Shiite Militiamen K..
15 Italian journalist kidnapped ..
15 At Least 83 Killed in 2-Day S..
15 Magnitude 6.3 quake knocks ou..
15 Woman gives birth to grandchi..
15 Plague found in northern DR C..
15 Son questioned after Iowa fam..
15 Zimbabwe may let whites farm ..
15 Nepalese peace talks stall ag..
15 Household Goods Among Banned ..
15 2 U.S. servicewomen die after..
15 Russia cadets hit in road car..
15 Pope Benedict XVI Proclaims 4..
15 Algeria agrees oil windfall t..
15 Iraqi Gov't Postpones Reconci..
15 Bombs kill 16 Iraqis, injure ..
15 New surge of violence hits Ir..
15 OPEC to Discuss Oil Prices, O..
15 Tale of U.S. book scam wins o..
15 U.S. seeks common ground with..
14 I was wrong on Iraq: FORMER D..
14 Bush Is Said to Have No Plan ..
14 Bush keeps revising war justi..
14 Israeli obstacles to free mov..
14 Italy rescues 300 migrants at..
14 Minnesota Principal Resigns, ..
14 Marines Order Paralegal, Mili..
14 Reporter abducted in Afghanis..
14 Human rights concerns fail to..
14 Parents, 3 Daughters Found Fa..
14 Al-Qaida in Iraq Says Tape Ma..
14 U.S. airman, Marine killed in..
14 Military lines up to back gen..
14 Low-caste Hindus adopt new fa..
14 'Guantanamo abuse boasts' pro..
14 Blair forced to claim Dannatt..
14 U.S. begins $42 million progr..
14 Palestinians: Israeli raids k..
14 Roadside bomb targets Afghan ..
14 Feds arrest fake-cop rapist s..
14 Dozens Arrested In Galluadet ..
14 Democratic House Candidate Ur..
14 OPEC to Meet Oct. 19 in Qatar..
14 Romanian TV Releases Video Sa..
14 Egypt border guard shot dead ..
14 Police Say Pa. Woman Claimed ..
14 UN slaps sanctions on North K..
13 One Heck Of A Rock
13 Rush for deal as tests point ..
13 Peron DNA taken in paternity ..
13 Red Cross to issue recommenda..
13 Why We Still Fight
13 The British officer said: 'We..
13 Aide says White House mocked ..
13 Pentagon shows anti-war datab..
13 China's Foreign Currency Rese..
13 South Korean elected new UN c..
13 'Most distant' weather pictur..
13 DEATH IN RUSSIA The Silencing..
13 Southern Command to Probe Git..
13 Red Cross sees key terror inm..
13 Australian PM warning on drou..
13 Army chief defends Iraq comme..
13 Haze-hit countries meeting en..
13 15 killed in Iraq attacks, in..
13 Four killed in new Gaza strik..
13 US sowing Iraq strife, says I..
13 Buffalo slammed by snow; 220,..
13 Army chief denies rift with g..
13 ‘Steady, silent exodus’ of re..
13 Rice probes travel limits on ..
13 Officials: Kids shot to death..
13 SA broadcaster 'gagged critic..
13 US rejects UK Guantanamo comm..
13 Iraq reporter unlawfully kill..
13 British, Irish premiers unvei..
13 EU and India agree to trade d..
13 Bush signs bill on port secur..
13 Sept. 11 Conspiracy Theorist ..
13 Search on for 3 missing after..
13 EU in new warning over pensio..
12 US issues revised N Korea dra..
12 Students Blockade Gallaudet C..
12 Little fanfare expected to ma..
12 U.N. Council gets new comprom..
12 Parents disapprove, but Inter..
12 U.K. Army Head Said to Seek I..
12 Appeals court refuses to hear..
12 Mother Charged With Killing H..
12 Severe storms, high winds dam..
12 Gunfire Explodes in Embattled..
12 UK families' Guantánamo appea..
12 China arrests dissident lawye..
12 U.S. to sell Tehran jet parts..
12 Flooding washes out road to V..
12 Workers raze school where gir..
12 Wal-Mart Loses Pennsylvania L..
12 Tibetans shot 'in self-defenc..
12 UK rejects estimate of 655,00..
12 Guantanamo unacceptable - Bec..
12 At Least 21 Killed In Latest ..
12 Politkovskaya last report des..
12 China balks on tough North Ko..
12 US presses for N Korea sancti..
12 Bush vows to build fence
12 In wake of bankruptcy filing,..
12 Briton Admits Plot To Bomb U...
12 Rights Group Challenges Georg..
12 Red Cross meets alleged 9/11 ..
12 Florida Man Charged With Keep..
12 Plea to Putin over baby myste..
12 French in Armenia 'genocide' ..
11 'All-time high' in Baghdad vi..
11 Ky. county arrests convicted ..
11 Corporate muscle is brought t..
11 U.N. General Assembly to Appo..
11 N Korea to face 'repercussion..
11 Gaza sliding into civil war
11 Small aircraft slams into sid..
11 Woman tops China's new rich l..
11 Delhi monkeys face forest fut..
11 Authorities: Naked prosecutor..
11 Saddam attacks judge over dis..
11 US eases weapons embargo on H..
11 US tightens Cuba trade sancti..
11 Aide to testify in US e-mail ..
11 Zimbabwe bans cash transfer f..
11 Moldova separatists seek inte..
11 Group claims to kidnap Americ..
11 Japan announces N Korea sanct..
11 U.S. weighs first treason cha..
11 Most Hostages Seized in Niger..
11 Army Plans Iraq Troops Throug..
11 'Huge rise' in Iraqi death to..
10 Bachelet to visit torture cam..
10 The Big Question: With sancti..
10 Russia and China may stand in..
10 Blasts rock US army base in I..
10 A holy war in the Horn?
10 McCain blames Clinton policie..
10 High Court Rejects Toxic Clea..
10 Sunnis, Shiites in Iraq's Uni..
10 Tentative deal to end Mexico'..
10 Hastert says those who hid sc..
10 Dozens killed in Guatemala cr..
10 U.S. forces in Iraq stretched..
10 Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes B..
10 Winter heating bills may not ..
10 YouTube video to fly free und..
10 Judge ejects Hussein from gen..
10 Nigerian youths seize oil sta..
10 China under pressure to impos..
10 911 Call Reveals Amish Hostag..
10 'Runaway Bride' Sues Ex-Fianc..
10 Supreme Court Won't Hear Smal..
10 Blast kills 12, injures dozen..
10 Grieving Amish receive $700,0..
10 Author Rushdie Says Veils Tak..
10 Police find 60 bodies in Bagh..
09 Documents: CIA Warned of Plan..
09 Coroner Says Ky. Children's T..
09 U.N. Security Council to Cons..
09 E. coli exposes weakness in f..
09 Chavez warns of U.S.-backed c..
09 Nigeria VP in the dock over g..
09 A Dying Population The nation..
09 US push for air strikes
09 Republicans stand to profit f..
09 Army Introducing New Slogan. ..
09 Army Lowers Standards To Meet..
09 Iran Blames U.S. for Alleged ..
09 German tells court CIA kidnap..
09 US lawmaker 'confronted in 20..
09 Bush's Iraq options limited
09 Iraq troops 'buried family al..
09 Official at Nuclear Test Ban ..
09 Mess hall chief arrested, poi..
09 Nato to press Pakistan on Tal..
09 Diabetic driver survives on c..
09 South Korean nominated as U.N..
09 Somalis vow holy war on Ethio..
09 Outcry at N Korea 'nuclear te..
09 Woman charged with using baby..
08 Opposition to Iraq War Reache..
08 Paulson Leads Drive to Ease R..
08 U.S. and Iraqi Forces Clash W..
08 British pullouts hamper proje..
08 China Probably Had $14.4 Bln ..
08 Voters not in a good mood ahe..
08 North Korea says it has perfo..
08 Convert seen winning disgrace..
08 Baker Says Iraqi Government H..
08 Saddam Hussein's Lawyers Say ..
08 Slain Canadian soldier named
08 After four centuries, Sark gi..
08 Guantánamo defense lawyer for..
08 U.S. Casualties in Iraq Rise ..
08 Critical cleric arrested in I..
08 NATO: Afghanistan At A Tippin..
08 South Dakota nears historic v..
08 France to ban smoking in publ..
08 A Look at Sudan's Darfur Regi..
08 Elect opponent, US candidate ..
08 Star Trek sale stuns auctione..
08 Mass Venezuela opposition ral..
08 Spain, U.S. Agree to Radioact..
08 Senate hopefuls debate Bush t..
08 Karr trial reveals series of ..
08 Israel kills 2 Palestinians, ..
08 2 U.S. troops, 30 insurgents ..
08 Slain writer 'preparing tortu..
08 Sudanese Troops Cross Into Ea..
08 NATO: 78 suicide bombs launch..
08 Republicans hit by wave of po..
08 The Cost of War: Hidden from ..
08 Battle rages in Shia Iraqi to..
08 Deaths Across Iraq Show It Is..
07 Report rips TSA's plans for c..
07 Archaeology Project Uncovers ..
07 Iraqi Forces Launch Sweep in ..
07 USS George H.W. Bush Christen..
07 US medic jailed over Iraq mur..
07 At least 54 combatants killed..
07 Italian prosecutors wrap up C..
07 U.K. tried to curb U.S. on Ir..
07 Taliban Revived After 5 Years..
07 Priests raise money to aid de..
07 'Powder keg' in S Africa - Tu..
07 Georgia chides Russia 'cleans..
07 German journalists, NATO sold..
07 Beef Recall Spans 7 States Mo..
07 Bomber attacks 'model' Iraqi ..
07 Shots fired amid Korean tensi..
07 Russian war critic writer mur..
07 Madagascar airport closed to ..
07 In rare ceremony, woman turns..
07 At Least 25 Killed As Sectari..
07 Darfur campaign cuts Sudan mo..
06 Experts warn of an accidental..
06 11th rape victim found on res..
06 GOP leaders rally to House sp..
06 N.C. chemical fire could burn..
06 Illegal Immigrants Sue Wendy'..
06 Argentine missing witness ral..
06 Death of a soldier: US losses..
06 Tensions Grow in Besieged Mex..
06 Warner's Iraq Remarks Surpris..
06 Arrest over Cheney barb trigg..
06 Bishop poses political challe..
06 Why ten cent 'pirate' downloa..
06 Reporter was 'shot by US mili..
06 Canada formally protests to U..
06 In protest, deaf students tak..
06 Mexican police 'probed on dru..
06 Deadly virus spreads to Prime..
06 Scholars Debate ‘Israel Lobby..
06 Marine Says in Statement Obta..
06 U.S. Official Says Nearly 4,0..
06 U.S. Navy medic admits role i..
06 At least 13 killed in Pakista..
06 Mau Mau veterans to sue Brita..
06 Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Sprea..
06 Police: Father says he killed..
06 Forest fire haze brings miser..
06 Palestinian PM sees mutiny in..
06 British Find No Evidence Of A..
06 Unlikely Terrorists On No-Fly..
06 Israeli Bomblets Plague Leban..
06 Bush signings called effort t..
06 Miners killed in Bolivia disp..
06 Alleged child victims of Nazi..
06 Fears over South Africa's exo..
06 Tens of Thousands of Hamas Su..
06 Opposition Cites Georgia Elec..
06 Georgians deported as row dee..
06 TV sting operation raises con..
06 Passenger data deal for US an..
06 Israel 'must explain' war pro..
06 Kurdish lawmaker and driver k..
06 China threatens shoe retaliat..
06 Karzai for jirga to crush Tal..
06 Small Plane Crashes in Georgi..
06 Rice meets Iraqi Kurdish lead..
06 Vatican to review state of li..
06 Thousands evacuated after N.C..
06 Historic Memphis church burns..
05 3 New York Archdiocese Food P..
05 Mystery illness kills 18 in P..
05 Iraqi Prime Minister Tells AP..
05 Hastert Defiant House Speaker..
05 Judge Dismisses Child Porn Ch..
05 Battle for Baghdad ‘a critica..
05 Peru finds ancient burial cav..
05 Mexican archaeologists uneart..
05 Marine Says He Staged His Dis..
05 Ally calls for Hastert to sus..
05 Report: Turkey to send troops..
05 10 die in 22-hour police stan..
05 Lawyer: FBI to question forme..
05 SAO PAOLO Laboratory of Viole..
05 Argentine prisoners end prote..
05 UK must justify Kenyan travel..
05 UN warned on Geneva attack th..
05 California May Ship Inmates E..
05 Maine Parents Indicted on Cha..
05 Russia turns screw on Georgia..
05 Sudan warns Darfur troop pled..
05 Iraqis test dead militant's D..
05 Rice in Baghdad to press for ..
05 British Envoy Says U.N. Secur..
05 Hungary's opposition steps up..
05 Strange victories in poppy pr..
05 GOP set up fund for Iraq vict..
05 NATO general doesn't dispute ..
05 Termination set for Iraq moni..
04 Four US soldiers killed in Ir..
04 Fight to clear Baghdad of ins..
04 Nato to complete Afghan takeo..
04 Sex, shopping and gambling al..
04 Iraq's universities and schoo..
04 Court says eavesdropping prog..
04 Bernanke says Fed eyeing both..
04 US 'cannot allow' nuclear N K..
04 Iraqi police brigade, death s..
04 Afghan clashes displace thous..
04 Maine Quake Causes Dramatic D..
04 Stolen forklifts used to stea..
04 AWOL Iraq Vet Surrenders To A..
04 Forecast: Housing slowdown wi..
04 All Foley records ordered pre..
04 Western Union Wins Stay on Ar..
04 TSA Delays Program Allowing F..
04 Customs to Stop Seizing Small..
04 Despite Pressure, Hastert Won..
04 Baghdad bomb kills 14 as blas..
04 Iraq police barred over killi..
04 Ga. Terror Suspects Want Char..
04 Rice pledges US support for A..
04 Khatami's UK visit set to bri..
04 Northern Ireland deal doable,..
04 Abbas, hosting Rice, hints at..
04 Suicide truck bomber blows up..
04 Putin fury at Georgia 'blackm..
04 Fresh claims fuel US e-mail r..
03 One third of the planet will ..
03 Novarupta
03 $20bn and 10 years to build -..
03 Hugo Chavez Calls Rumsfeld 'M..
03 Hurricane Rita bus owner foun..
03 Defense Lawyers Say Prosecuto..
03 Bush: 'Dangerous' Democrat mi..
03 Russia Hits Georgia With Sanc..
03 Czech government toppled, dea..
03 Climate costs top summit's ag..
03 U.N. to consider deep sea tra..
03 Miami Herald chief quits over..
03 Man, Dead For Years, Found In..
03 EU urges Russia to end blocka..
03 Nigeria deaths in speedboat r..
03 New Iraqi plan to curb violen..
03 Nato names Afghan expansion d..
03 Militants threaten Hamas lead..
03 UK, U.S. at odds on threat fr..
03 Turkish flight hijacked to pr..
03 Korean wins a final poll for ..
03 Five girls dead after Amish s..
03 Pressure builds on Republican..
03 Pyongyang 'to conduct nuclear..
03 Rice asks Palestinian peace, ..
02 Soldiers shot after ambush in..
02 Pastors charged over $8.6m ho..
02 Amish seclusion shattered by ..
02 2 U.S., 1 Afghan Soldiers Kil..
02 2 Killed, 14 Injured in Gaza ..
02 Tortured Canadian wins battle..
02 Uniformed gunmen snatch 14 at..
02 Iraqi parliament extends stat..
02 Scandal-hit US lawmaker in re..
02 California men return after i..
02 Musharraf nuclear claims atta..
02 Hungary PM calls confidence v..
02 Shooting at Pennsylvania scho..
02 Georgians hand over Russian o..
02 Rice doesn’t recall '01 CIA w..
02 Oil Falls Below $62 on Specul..
02 Supreme Court rejects appeal ..
02 Knifeman held at Blair's Lond..
02 Turkish army rejects rebel tr..
02 U.S. population to top 300 mi..
02 Hamas closes government offic..
02 Teen with medical microchip d..
02 U.S. to Deploy 4 Patriot Laun..
02 Inside Burma's rebel army: th..
01 Plot to bomb Green Zone rattl..
01 At least 5 killed in overpass..
01 School gives parents detentio..
01 Longer Iraq tour means extens..
01 Riots Between Hamas and Fatah..
01 Bad roads drive up motorists'..
01 Lula shy of 50 percent in Bra..
01 Leader Says Syria Has Moved T..
01 Schools give student data to ..
01 Hungary votes amid PM lies an..
01 Blood & guts: At the front wi..
01 Suspect arrested in S.C. slay..
01 British troops in secret truc..
01 Dam collapse floods Nigeria t..
01 Fla. deputy shoots self showi..
01 White House backs Rumsfeld as..
01 Detainee bill lifts Bush's po..
01 Farrakhan's Illness Raises Qu..
01 Silva's Faces Corruption Scan..
01 Stung by criticism, Bush call..
01 Secret Reports Dispute White ..
01 Putin fury at Georgia 'terror..
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