OCsatire.com fully supports holders of legitimate copyrights.

Copyright implies ownership of the words. If the copyright holder wishes to make those words freely distributable, that's up to them. Copyright does not mean that something cannot be copied, only that the holder of the copyright reserves the right to decide whether and how something may be copied.

With as many files as people have sent to us, it's entirely likely that there are copyrighted files in our archives which are not freely distributable. It is NOT our intention to pirate copyrighted works. If you spot a page on our web site that is copyrighted and not freely distributable, please e-mail ocSatire.com's Editor and include the URL of the page in question. Just highlight the URL on your web browser, then copy and paste the file name into the message you send. Without the file name, we cannot track the file down and correct the problem.

If you personally are the holder of the copyright in question and can prove it, we offer the following remedies:

  1. We can remove the page in question.
  2. Or, if you are willing to send us a letter authorizing our use of your words, we will provide a link from our copy of your copyrighted work to your home page. Since ocSatire.com gets hundreds of thousands of hits per day, this should help to increase traffic at your site as well. editor@ocsatire.com

If you are not the holder of the copyright in question, we will simply remove the page once we've established that it is indeed copyrighted material and is not freely distributable.