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A lot of people have some weird idea that this web site is a Bad Place, a place for hackers, software pirates, and anarchists. The reason that they think this is that there are informational text files on here about hacking, piracy, and anarchy.

However, there are also text files on here that discuss politics; democratic, right wing, left wing, libertarian, communist, and everything in between, but this is not a political web site.

There are files on here that discuss Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Buddha, Crowley, John Smith, and "Bob", but this is not a religious web site.

There are files full of short stories, science fiction, humorous articles, and great works of literature, but this is not a literary web site.

There are files with information on rocketry, radio broadcasting, chemistry, electronics, genetics, and computers, but this is not a technical web site.

This web site is about INFORMATION. All sorts and all viewpoints. Some of the information you will agree with, some you will find shocking, and some you will probably disagree with violently. That is the whole point. In this society we go to schools where there is one right answer: The Teacher's. There is one acceptable version of events: The Television's. There is only one acceptable occupation: The pursuit of money. There is only one political choice to make: The Status Quo.

On this web site you are expected to make decisions all by yourself. You get to decide who and what to agree with, and why. You get to hear new viewpoints that you may have never heard before. On this web site people exist without age, without skin color, without gender, without clothes, without nationality, without any of the visual cues we usually use to discredit or ignore people who are unlike ourselves. All of these things are stripped away and the ideas themselves are laid bare.

You will change. You will transform. You will learn. You will disagree.

You will enjoy it.


  • I don't want or need any personal info from you.
  • There is no "validation" on this system.
  • There are no warez or pirated files on this web site. There are a THOUSANDS of weird text files.
  • Erotic Fiction files are ONLY available to cash contributors who are of legal age to view such material.


The rules of the Temple are few and easy to follow. Entities which break these rules are subject to a severe scolding, or restrictions on access, or beheading, depending on the whim of the sysadmin.

  1. Thou shalt not cause grief to thy sysadmin.
  2. One Account Per Person.
  3. Do not post messages with credit card numbers, calling card numbers, passwords to private computer systems, other user's real names and personal info, or unsolicited phone numbers.
  4. Do not threaten other users with physical harm or engage in other felonious behavior. Try to be NICE to each other, if possible.
  5. Before bugging the sysadmin with questions, look around and see if you can find your own answers. Seek the Truth!
  6. If you find a bug, send me some e-mail so that I can fix it.
  7. Messages will not be deleted because of content, although they may be moved to a more appropriate area.
  8. Users will not be deleted because of content. About the only thing that could get you booted is if you try to destroy All attempts so far have been feeble-minded.


All users are required to read the following notices. If you are unwilling to abide by the following terms, then you must stop using this Site. Your continued use of this Site constitutes acknowledgment that you have read, and agreed to, the terms and conditions described in this bulletin.

Message Bases

Pursuant to the Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986 (18 U.S.C. 2701 et seq.), notice is hereby given that there are no facilities provided by this system for sending or receiving private or confidential electronic communications. There is no such thing as "private or confidential electronic communications" within the United States unless you have a lot of money and are willing to spend it.

The operators of this BBS can read all messages left on this system, including Electronic Mail (E-mail) messages addressed to persons other than the system operators, but they usually don't bother.

"System operators" and the term "Sysadmin" refers to those persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of this Site and their designated agents.

The system operators reserve the right to delete any message, regardless of whether such message has been received by its intended recipient(s), however, they have never deleted a message yet. Really stupid insults are forwarded to the "FLAME" forum.

The system operators also reserve the right to change the status of a a private "E-mail" message so that such message is public and available to all callers, but they would never do so if they felt that the contents of your letter might embarrass you. If a private E-Mail message is made public, it's usually because someone asked the sysadmin something that they should have posted on the "Spurious Generalities" public message board. The status of a message may be changed whenever, in the sole discretion of the system operators, it is believed appropriate to do so.

The system operators reserve the right, without limitation, to grant "Sysadmin" status to other persons. Such persons have access to all communications on this Site and may have all rights of a system operator, including the ability to delete or change the status of messages.

The system operators will cooperate fully with telephone companies and law enforcement agencies to pursue the prosecution and conviction of anyone attempting unlawful access or anyone using this Site for unlawful activities. The system operator will also fight telephone companies and law enforcement agencies tooth and nail if it appears that these agencies are unlawfulling trampling on the first ammendment rights or other legal rights of this system's users.

Download Files

The operators of this system take reasonable care with regard to the files that are posted for download. However, the system operators cannot be held responsible for the software or data on this system. All software and data is taken by you "as is" and you assume the entire risk of any harm that might occur through your use of this software and/or data.

In addition, there are some pages that are sexually oriented. These files are clearly identified as such in the menus - if you are under legal age to view such files, you are NOT authorized to view them.

Some of the material available on this Site may change the way you think about the world. If you do not wish to have your viewpoint changed, don't read anything -- become a hermit.

Every user of this Site explicitly acknowledges that all information, including all software, obtained from this Site is provided "AS-IS" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and that the entire risk of acting on information obtained from this Site, including the entire cost of all necessary remedies, is with those who choose to act on such information and not the operator of this system. In no event will the operators of this Site be held liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, destruction of data or damage to equipment.

In Addition

  • The system operators reserve the right to refuse access to any person for any reason.
  • This Site is meant for educational purposes only.
  • Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • May be too intense for some viewers.
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  • Batteries not included.
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  • Times approximate.
  • Simulated picture.
  • Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of agreement.
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